Ceremony Report

October 16th 2017: Another great performance by the 21st Century team! The WM conducted the second degree ceremony and was 99% word perfect and was assisted by a number of Bretheren who stood in to support the team.

The candidate answered the questions with great confidence. The working tools were perfectly delivered by the IG - who the WM was delighted to see. The IG had been taken ill over the weekend and the WM was asked to present the working tools. He then had a bit of a panic attack, 5 minutes before the tyling time, as he had forgotten the words so was very relieved to see the IG arrive.

The highlight of the evening was the explanation of the Tracing Board which was beautifully delivered by a Past Master who is our current Charity Steward.

September 18th 2017: What a wonderful meeting! The WM initiated a great canditate who will be an asset to the Lodge. He is not only a nice man but he can sing as well so will be an asset in more ways than one. A Fellow craft acted as JD and did an excellent job. The NE corner was finely delivered by a Past Master and the Working tools were perfectly presented by an Entered Aprentice. When the candidate returned, after restoring himself to his personal comforts, the charge was delivered by the Treasurer, a Past Master of the lodge.

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of a 50 year certificate by the APGM and a GL certificate was also presented.

The WM and DC had a moment of panic when the Brother who was doing the song to the initiate did not arrive for the start of the meeting and 'perished at the thought' of the IPM having to sing! The crisis was averted when the Brother arrived later in the evening.

The festiveboard was excellent with an experimantal starter. The DC clearly missed being in the Masters chair as he took over the WM's gavel on at least one occassion.

The team are now hard at work preparing for a passing in October.

May 15th 2017: This was another first for the Elizabathan Lodge. The candidate was raised by the WM with the assistance of the IPM [The WM was still hampered by his elbow injury]. The SD gave an excellent explanation of the working tools. The ADC gave the tradional history. This was the first ceremony for the new team and we will be working hard over the summer recess to ensure that we put on a perfect Initiation in September.