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Sat, 24th March 2018

Family Fun Day - Sunday 1st July

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Thu, 22nd March 2018

Candidate sets High Standard for his own Raising

All present at The Elizabethan Lodge on Monday 19th March witnessed an incredibly high standard Raising ceremony.  From the moment the candidate answered his questions with such accuracy and wonderful delivery, the entire team performed brilliantly and the whole ceremony was produced with little more than a comma out of place.  With a rejoining member, and two joining members adding to the ranks 7262 appears to be going in the correct direction.

Looking forward to April Installation.

Fri, 2nd March 2018

Common Sense Approach

Sometimes spending time with the family is the order of the day. Can never understand why people travel when there is so many weather warnings, and then complain when they get stuck.  Stay at home and have fun with the family.  Common Sense approach!



Mon, 19th February 2018

Initiation Ceremony

What a wonderful evening for our initiate who is forming a great reputaion for his locally produced beer. On this occassion our WM did not want to give any part of the ceremony away and did the whole ceremony and from the comments receiveed he did a good job.

In the festive board the song 'to the initiate' was performed by another of the lodge's EA's, he did a great job........ we haven't told him about The Masters Song yet for the April meeting. The chain was presented by our treasurer and after a bit of manouvering we all linked arms. 

Tue, 13th February 2018

1717 at Lentune Lodge

The 1717 received a warm reception from the Worshipful Master and those present at Lentune Lodge.  The whole 1717 team produced another wonderful display of this interesting and amusing demonstration. 

The festive board was much more lively than normal and a good amount was raised for Lifelites, and everyone departed having enjoyed a thoroughly good evening.



Sat, 10th February 2018

1717 visit West Surrey Installed Masters

Oh my word! Masonry is alive and well.  The Elizabethan 1717 team travelled to West Surrey Installed Masters Lodge 9902 in Farnham to give the demonstration of making a mason, and received one of the warmest welcomes from any lodge.  77 people packed into a very small masonic centre, every available seat taken, and at 6:30pm a great masonic event commenced.  The reception that the team received was very warm, and welcoming and demonstrated that given the right motivation so much money can be raised for a wonderful cause ike 'Lifelites'. The team produced a really entertaining evening and we arrived home around 12:30 but all buzzing with excitement knowing we have raised a massive amount for this good cause.

WSIM 9-02-2018 (4).jpgWSIM 9-02-2018 (1).jpgWSIM 09-02-2018.jpg




Sat, 3rd February 2018

The Elizabethan Lodge Win 2018 Warren Avenue Quiz Night

The Elizabethan members magnificently supported the Warren Avenue Quiz Night, with 26 members family and friends out of the 65 present, and one of the teams containing Jo, John, Malcolm, Marc, Moira, Pam and Pat won the 2018 shield.  With questions, on history, flags, music, and general knowledge, the minds were most tested, but this crack hand picked team were on top form, and beat the second place team by 7pts.  A Chip supper ensured the brain cells were recharged, and there was sufficient lubrication applied to keep the cogs turning.

Well done to all the members family and friends who supported the event and it was a pleasure as always to see everyone. 

Fri, 2nd February 2018

Royal Arch Representative Promoted At Special EGM

Our Royal Arch Representative W. Bro. Fred was promoted to PPSGD at the special EGM of Provincial Grand Lodge.  This is a thoroughly deserved promotion for all his hard work in the Lodge and in the wider community, in particular as Mayor of Christchurch.

The Worshipful Master accompanied by several brethren gave him the traditional The Elizabethan 'Hurrah' on him being appointed by the Provincial Grand Master, and we all enjoyed a very good humoured festive board afterwards. 

Congratulations Fred.

Fri, 2nd February 2018

VO Promoted to PPJGW

Our VO W. Bro. John was promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden at the EGM on Friday 2nd February at Southampton Novotel.  This is a thoroughly deserved promotion, as he has given unstinting support to the Lodge since he took over as our Visiting Officer.

The Worshipful Master and several brethren were present to support John on this award, and he received a hearty Elizabethan 'Hurrah'.  The first of its kind for a non subscribing member of the Lodge.  Little did we know the following evening he would help us win the quiz night.

Well done John

Mon, 22nd January 2018

1717 visit Octa Lodge at The Knole

The 1717 received a wonderful reception from the Worshipful Master and all present at Octa Lodge.  The Worshipful Master was delighted to have got the team to perform at the Knole, having seen one the first ever performances in June 2017.  The whole team delighted all present with another unique performance, and the personalized minutes being greeted with lots of laughter. 

The festive board lively as we always enthused the brethren to give generously for the good of Lifelites, and everyone departed having enjoyed a thoroughly good evening.


Fri, 12th January 2018

1717 at Brockenhurst Lodge

The 1717 received a wonderful reception from the Worshipful Master and all present at Brockenhurst Lodge after another magnificent performance by the team.  Led by our instinctive Landlord/Tyler and our impresario Secrtary/JW.

The ceremony performed was another unique event, and the festive board lively as we always would wanton these ocassions.  All present commented on how much they had enjoyed the experience, and more money was raised for Lifelites.


Mon, 8th January 2018

The neighbours in Byron Road win 10,000

One of our members, Chris Turner, and his neighbours in Byron Road, New Milton, have been bringing Christmas cheer to local residents for 13 years by decortating their street for Christmas. This year their efforts were recognised in a National competion which has added the wonderful sum of £10,000 to their fundraising efforts.

The neighbours, in Byron Road, New Milton - won £10,000 in the Mails charity Christmas decorations contest. 

Read more: 

Fri, 22nd December 2017

Cheque presentation - Southbourne Tennis Club

This morning the Worshipful Master and Charity Steward were at the Southbourne Tennis Club where a cheque for £800 was presented to the club chairperson, Sue Grainger. The club does a lot in coaching people with all disabilities, including wheelchair tennis and works with those with learning difficulties. There is also a very popular coaching session for very young children.

2017 2212 SouthbourneTC.jpeg

Thu, 21st December 2017

Lodge Charitable Donations - 2017

2017 Charitable donations.PNG

Mon, 18th December 2017

Christmas White Table


1 B The Room pre Dinner.JPG

Christmas Dinner is underway

1 D Dinner Time.JPG

The PGM enjoying the evening

1 C ProvGM.JPG

The 1717 Team present at cheque for £3408.80 to the PGM for Lifelites - his chosen charity

1 E 1717 Cheque PGM.jpg

Entertainment by the Southern Union Chorus

1 A Southern Union Chorus.JPG

Thu, 14th December 2017

2017 Christmas Room Ready

2017 Christmas Room.jpg

2017 Christmas Prep Team Bar.jpg

Thanks to Gary, David, Malcolm, Duncan, Mick, Ray, Jim, Bob, and Rohan, the room is now ready for Monday. 

Tue, 28th November 2017

1717 Team Fill Eastleigh Masonic Hall

The attraction of the 1717 team worked the magic again and attracted 90+ members to attend the meeting.  The Festive Board was so packed there was not enough room to stand for toasts, as all present got to know each other very intimately.  The APGM present commented that ' this is what Freemasonry is all about' ''enjoyment and furthering our masonic knowledge'.  One other member said " I have never seen this centre this full thank you to 1717 for acheiving this".

There were roars of laughter as the Secretary presented the minutes, and the rest of the team produced their best performance of the season despite a few curve balls everyone was at their best and all present totally enjoyed the performance.  During the evening a massive amount was raised for good causes.

 2017 Hampshire Lodge of Emulation.jpg

Mon, 20th November 2017

Third Degree Ceremony

A number of our guests said 'it was the best 3rd Degree they had ever seen'. The WM was supported by a number of Past Masters. The IPM occupied the JW's chair, the Treasurer the SW's chair. Past Masters in the lodge acted a JW & IG and a Past Master acted as SD. The candidate was raised in great style and caused the WM great pain when his was raised on the fpof he was raised on the WM's foot.

The Traditional history was delivered divenly by the Chaplin and the tools were presented by one of our experienced Brothers. The Asst Sec produced another fine Festive Board......... although it would be fair to say that some of those attending were 'sausaged out' after 'bangers and mash' three times in 10 days as Masionic events.

The most moving part of the evening was when we welcomed back our Tyler who had been absent for a few months due to illness. He was welcomed with a standing ovation and then invested by the WM. The WM also invested the Brother who was raised as JD.

Fri, 17th November 2017

Rugby Bastion Lodge's meeting in Farnborough

2017 Rugby Bastion.jpg 

The 1717 team strike again in the North of Hampshire & IOW in Rugby Bastion Lodge's meeting in Farnborough.  In front of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Assistant Proivincial Grand Master the 1717 team performed a wonderful rendition of an opening of a Lodge and Ceremony of an Initiation circa 1717 on a very willing and enthusiastic member of the Lodge, and raised another large amount for the Lifelites chairty that this wonderful team has been raising money for since March.

Mon, 13th November 2017

1717 visit Lodge of St. Marks on 400th Meeting

Another brilliant evening, across the border in Dorset, the 1717 were received in a typically masonic and generous fashion. The team produced another faultless performance, at the same time raising an amazing amount for Lifelites.

The team were a little forgetful on this occassion............ they did not forget any equipment but a member of the team - our wonderful 1717 Inner Guard who, true to form, was holed up in the lodge bar whilst we were driving home! 

He was resucued by the 1717 WM and Narrator who returned to pick him up......... but with only two seats in the car. Our Narrator courteously scrunched himself up in the car boot and kindly pressed our costumes for the next performance.


2017 Lodge of St. Marks.jpg

Tue, 31st October 2017

Can't get enough Masonry

Even on holiday our, wonderful, Charity Steward seeks out Masonic connections. He is pictured outside the Grand Lodge, in Malta.

2017 Malcolm Elvy.JPG

Thu, 19th October 2017

Norman Gate Lodge, Andover

The 1717 Team visited Norman Gate Lodge at the Andover Masonic Centre. This was probably our best performance on the current tour. Over 100 Lodge members and guests enjoyed our performance.

QUOTE from the Lodge:

Abso BLOOMING lutley marvellous night last night, did not leave lodge till 12.30 and all anyone was saying:
* Best night they can remember at lodge
* "Seen similar demo's before but that blue them all into the weed"
* "That will take some following!!!"
* " Wouldn't have missed it for the world"
* "Fantastic night"

Our Asst Sec, who is our 1717 Tyler, produced another staggering performance and the 1717 Lodge mintutes as read by out 1717 Secretary had the audience and team in stitches.

............ plus we had three new performance enquiries. We got back in the early hours via Basingstoke. A good time was had by all.

2017 Norman Gate Lodge.jpg

Mon, 16th October 2017

Second Degree Ceremony

Another great performance by the 21st Century team! The WM conducted the second degree ceremony and was 99% word perfect and was assisted by a number of Bretheren who stood in to support the team.

The candidate answered the questions with great confidence. The working tools were perfectly delivered by the IG - who the WM was delighted to see. The IG had been taken ill over the weekend and the WM was asked to present the working tools. He then had a bit of a panic attack, 5 minutes before the tyling time, as he had forgotten the words so was very relieved to see the IG arrive.

The highlight of the evening was the explanation of the Tracing Board which was beautifully delivered by a Past Master who is our current Charity Steward.

Thu, 12th October 2017

P&D Masters Lodge

Another successful event for the 1717 team and yet more money raised for Lifelites.

........... We are not entirely sure what the Asst Sec [our 1717 IG] has on his head but we have been assured that it's dead. The next demonstration is next Thursday at the Norman Gate Lodge in Andover.

2017 P&D Masters.jpg

Wed, 4th October 2017

Pilgrims Lodge, Horndean

What a wonderful evening at the Pilgrims Lodge. 30 Lodge members and 52 guests witnessed another 'unique' performance by the 1717 team. Another significant sum was raised for Lifelites.

A few role changes saw the team strengthen their performance. The role of narrator and secretary was undertaken by a new member of the team who did a great job.

The meal and company at the Festive Board was excellent........... on with the next performance on Thursday 12th at Portsmouth & District Masters Lodge 5990.


2017 Pilgrims Lodge 1717 demo.JPG

Wed, 27th September 2017

Ferndown Lodge 1717 ceremony team

Our third demonstration of the 1717 Initiation was another wonderful success - this time at the Ferndown Lodge, in Wimborne.

The changing room was much larger, that our last outing, even though it was less private at it was also the WM's, GL Officers dressing room as well - so modesty did not come into it. Our candidate was the Ferndown Lodge's Tyler who enthusiatically whipped of his mourning trousers and shirt to don the 17th Century smock and breeches.

After the meeting the 'artistes' were invited by the WM to join him for a very welcome drink. The Festive Board was excellent and the attending Bretheren raised a wonderful dononation in support the demonsration team's chosen charity. 

Our next demonsration is at the Pilgrims Lodge - Horndean on Wednesday 4th October.

2017 Ferndown Lodge 1717 dem.jpeg