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Thu, 19th July 2018

Thanks to the Elizabethan Lodge Members

A note of thanks from the Stable Home Family Trust

Hi Malcolm

I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of The Stable Family Home Trust for organising the Monkey World visit on Sunday 1st July.

Our SFHT clients had a wonderful trip out and despite the temperature being 28 degrees many of the Centre's residents including Squirrel Monkeys, Ringtailed Lemurs, Enrico's Capuchin's and Apes still come out to greet everyone.

Thank you to everyone at The Elizabethan Lodge 7262 for welcoming everybody from our charity and providing refreshments, ensuring they all had a fabulous day out and without the support of services such as the Freemasons these days would not be possible.

Mon, 9th July 2018

Lodge Sunday Lunch - South Lawn Hotel

2018 Sunday Lunch.PNG

See the social section for full information and the booking form

Sun, 1st July 2018

Lodge Family Fun Day - Monkey World

Monkey World.PNG

Our former Asst Sec and current Lodge Mentor organised a wonderful day out for Lodge Members and their families. Over 80 guests attended which included a party from the Stable Home Family Trust who attended as guests of the lodge.

The day ended with a splendid cream tea. A raffle held on the day raised £141.00 for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund.

2018 1st July Monkey World.jpg

Wed, 9th May 2018

1717 at Shalden Lodge

Shalden Lodge now has joined in the ever growing numbers of Lodges that have benefited from the experience of receiving the 1717 Demonstration at the same time as raising lots of money for Lifelites.

A 1717 team short on numbers put in a magnificent display from start to finish, and demonstrated that this group of extremely dedicated and hard working masons can still produce a sensational evening despite not being at full strength.


Fri, 20th April 2018

1717 visit to The Portsmouth Lodge 487

The Portsmouth Lodge had obviously promoted the visit of 1717 team for some time and this was evidenced by the packed temple and dining room, the reception received for the demonstration was full of laughter and interest, and the question and answer session clearly showed the brethren present were very interested in the history.  The whole 1717 team produced another wonderful display of this interesting and amusing demonstration. 

The festive board was much more lively than normal and a good amount was raised for Lifelites, and everyone departed having enjoyed a thoroughly good evening.


Thu, 5th April 2018

Ladies Festival a few more images


2018 24th March Ladies Night3

2018 24th March Ladies Night2

Ask the IPM........... not a clue what artwork he was creating

2018 24th March Ladies Night4

Sat, 24th March 2018

Ladies Festival

2018 24th March Ladies Night

The Lodge Ladies Festival was a great success and raised £400 for the Stroke Association...... more photos to follow soon

Sat, 24th March 2018

Family Fun Day - Sunday 1st July

Monkey World.PNG

For full details please visit the Social Events section

Thu, 22nd March 2018

Candidate sets High Standard for his own Raising

All present at The Elizabethan Lodge on Monday 19th March witnessed an incredibly high standard Raising ceremony.  From the moment the candidate answered his questions with such accuracy and wonderful delivery, the entire team performed brilliantly and the whole ceremony was produced with little more than a comma out of place.  With a rejoining member, and two joining members adding to the ranks 7262 appears to be going in the correct direction.

Looking forward to April Installation.

Fri, 2nd March 2018

Common Sense Approach

Sometimes spending time with the family is the order of the day. Can never understand why people travel when there is so many weather warnings, and then complain when they get stuck.  Stay at home and have fun with the family.  Common Sense approach!



Mon, 19th February 2018

Initiation Ceremony

What a wonderful evening for our initiate who is forming a great reputaion for his locally produced beer. On this occassion our WM did not want to give any part of the ceremony away and did the whole ceremony and from the comments receiveed he did a good job.

In the festive board the song 'to the initiate' was performed by another of the lodge's EA's, he did a great job........ we haven't told him about The Masters Song yet for the April meeting. The chain was presented by our treasurer and after a bit of manouvering we all linked arms. 

Tue, 13th February 2018

1717 at Lentune Lodge

The 1717 received a warm reception from the Worshipful Master and those present at Lentune Lodge.  The whole 1717 team produced another wonderful display of this interesting and amusing demonstration. 

The festive board was much more lively than normal and a good amount was raised for Lifelites, and everyone departed having enjoyed a thoroughly good evening.



Sat, 10th February 2018

1717 visit West Surrey Installed Masters

Oh my word! Masonry is alive and well.  The Elizabethan 1717 team travelled to West Surrey Installed Masters Lodge 9902 in Farnham to give the demonstration of making a mason, and received one of the warmest welcomes from any lodge.  77 people packed into a very small masonic centre, every available seat taken, and at 6:30pm a great masonic event commenced.  The reception that the team received was very warm, and welcoming and demonstrated that given the right motivation so much money can be raised for a wonderful cause ike 'Lifelites'. The team produced a really entertaining evening and we arrived home around 12:30 but all buzzing with excitement knowing we have raised a massive amount for this good cause.

WSIM 9-02-2018 (4).jpgWSIM 9-02-2018 (1).jpgWSIM 09-02-2018.jpg




Sat, 3rd February 2018

The Elizabethan Lodge Win 2018 Warren Avenue Quiz Night

The Elizabethan members magnificently supported the Warren Avenue Quiz Night, with 26 members family and friends out of the 65 present, and one of the teams containing Jo, John, Malcolm, Marc, Moira, Pam and Pat won the 2018 shield.  With questions, on history, flags, music, and general knowledge, the minds were most tested, but this crack hand picked team were on top form, and beat the second place team by 7pts.  A Chip supper ensured the brain cells were recharged, and there was sufficient lubrication applied to keep the cogs turning.

Well done to all the members family and friends who supported the event and it was a pleasure as always to see everyone. 

Fri, 2nd February 2018

Royal Arch Representative Promoted At Special EGM

Our Royal Arch Representative W. Bro. Fred was promoted to PPSGD at the special EGM of Provincial Grand Lodge.  This is a thoroughly deserved promotion for all his hard work in the Lodge and in the wider community, in particular as Mayor of Christchurch.

The Worshipful Master accompanied by several brethren gave him the traditional The Elizabethan 'Hurrah' on him being appointed by the Provincial Grand Master, and we all enjoyed a very good humoured festive board afterwards. 

Congratulations Fred.

Fri, 2nd February 2018

VO Promoted to PPJGW

Our VO W. Bro. John was promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden at the EGM on Friday 2nd February at Southampton Novotel.  This is a thoroughly deserved promotion, as he has given unstinting support to the Lodge since he took over as our Visiting Officer.

The Worshipful Master and several brethren were present to support John on this award, and he received a hearty Elizabethan 'Hurrah'.  The first of its kind for a non subscribing member of the Lodge.  Little did we know the following evening he would help us win the quiz night.

Well done John