Our Worshipful Master- W.Bro. David Mitchell

64th Worshipful Master of The Elizabethan Lodge

Our Worshipful Master, David, is 58.

Freemasonry has always been is his family. Both his Grand Father, Father and Father in Law were Masons.

He was Initiated, in to Heathrow Lodge 7999 on 17th January 1981, Passed on 21st March 1981, Raised on 16th May 1981.  

David was then a cofounder of Comet Lodge which was consecrated on the 13th June 1986, and was Installed as Worshipful Master on 7th January 1991.  

He was recommended by W. Bro. John Meredith  to The Elizabethan Lodge, and joined on 18th February 2002. David was appointed Senior Warden in 2016.

David is a committed family man and has been married to his wife, Sheila, for 37 years. Sheila and David have two sons and are pround grandparents to Olivia.

During his year in office David aims to continue the Lodge's support of local charities and to promote Freemasonry in the community.